i have been taking pictures and sharing them on social media since i was a teenager on xanga, so it’s difficult for me to separate the two concepts. if i didn’t show anybody the pictures, why take them? as a college student at the onset of facebook’s reign, i soon got used to regularly uploading hundreds of photos – repetitive digital camera shots from last night’s party. my proceeding transition to film was largely a result of wanting to be limited in my ability to shoot such a quantity, but i’ve always gotten my film photos back as JPGs, ready to post on facebook. i ended up back in portland in 2013, and a fortuitous ebay purchase a few months later resulted in my having a quantity of disposable cameras. so i got into the habit of always tossing one in my pocket, just in case i saw something interesting along the day. now, as the social media landscape changed over the following decade, i never really changed my habits and methods: week after week, i’d shoot an average 1 or 2 cameras, process the film at citizens photo, edit them in adobe lightroom, and post them on facebook. all well and good for most of that time, but now that so many people aren’t on facebook and social media as an institution has become so toxic, i wanted to have another place to put my pictures. so i finally attached some hosting to my domain name, learned how to use wordpress and make pixel art, and here we are!

think of browsing this website as like finding a musty old box with thousands of photos of strangers, barely labeled and totally disorganized. have fun sorting through the piles!

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  1. Just wanted to say I stumbled on this site while looking for domains and I love it!

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